Friday, August 31, 2012

Guinea pig and budgies

Three years of school has passed. Now I just need to go on a three months internship in a company and then I have my bachelor. I have got an internship at an animation company in Oslo, Norway and I am really looking forward to it. I am leaving behind my husband, my guinea pig and my two budgies, but of cause only for a few months.

It is strange to have holiday while everybody starts school. I am not going to Norway until mid September. 
The birds are almost never in their cage - always out exercising, but I just really like this picture, because it shows the personality of them both very well. The blue one is always very relaxed and loving and the green one is very jumpy and always keeping and eye on you. This picture says it all.


  1. Oh my gosh they are so cute! When I was younger we owned parrots. I love the guinea pig!
    I'm a new follower

    1. Parrots are very funny animals. Thank you so much for following. I'm gonna go and take a look at your blog.